Local Deep Cleaning Specialists

Clean Away’s technicians are trained in proper disinfecting and sanitizing procedures by OSHA-certified professionals. Whether you are practicing preventative sanitation or need total decontamination, we are here to help!

Commercial Properties

If you own or manage a high-traffic commercial property, chances are you have worried about the cleanliness of your facilities lately. Put your mind at ease. Call for professional assistance!

Residential Spaces

Keeping your house clean on a regular basis is already a big chore. And these days you have to be extra careful! Call your local specialists to help with deep cleaning and full disinfection of your home.

Public Spaces

The general public wants to know that their health and safety is being put first. A professional sanitizing and disinfecting service is a must in public settings. Book now for regularly scheduled visits from our specialized team!

Preventative Measures

Maybe you manage a commercial or public building at a high risk of infection. Maybe you are a proactive homeowner. Regardless, call your local experts for the best results possible!

Decontamination Procedures

For the health and safety of all involved, call a specialized disinfecting service with experience in virus outbreaks if your space has a known or suspected case of Covid-19.

Small Places

Modest housing units, day cares, small-scale business operations, motor vehicles and more.
Pricing as low as 40 cents per square foot for spaces up to 2000 square feet.

Medium Spaces

Moderate office buildings, schools, apartment complexes, large retail spaces, restaurants and homes. Pricing as low as 25 cents per square foot if space is 2000-5000 square feet.

Large Operations

Government buildings, factories, warehouses, shopping centers, athletic facilities and entertainment venues. Pricing as low as 20 cents per square foot if over 5000 square feet.

What we deep clean?

Horizontal surfaces

Desktops, tabletops, kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops, sales counters, storage racks, shelving units, food preparation areas.

High-touch surfaces

Seating areas, elevators, appliances, office equipment, medical equipment,fitness equipment, playground equipment, factory machinery, service fleets.

High-touch items

Phones, screens, keyboards, doors, door handles, handrails, water fountains, bathroom fixtures, light fixtures, shopping carts, high chairs, merchandise.

Why Choose  Clean Away

Clean Away is your local, specialized disinfection and sanitation service. OSHA-certified professionals train our technicians in proper mix and dwell times to maximize disinfecting results and reduce the risk of cross contamination.

We use CDC-recommended fogging techniques and EPA-registered, industrial grade cleaning solutions. The combination of these two allows us to quickly and safely maximize surface coverage with less chemical residue left on surfaces and in the air. Our electrostatic machines use 65% less chemicals than traditional methods!

Application methods and drying times are speedy, allowing for a quick re-entry time.
Don’t wait to schedule. Call Clean Away for professional help!