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Expert deep cleaning services for your home.

Keeping your house clean on a regular basis is difficult enough but in times like these it is best to be certain that your home is free of bacteria and virus-causing germs.

Routinely scheduling professionals to sanitize and disinfect your residence is the best way to avoid getting sick. Worry less about your family’s well-being.
Call the disinfecting experts!

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Our trained specialists are here to help.

Our OSHA-certified technicians wear industry-mandated PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
at all times. Proper use of PPE means reduced cross-contamination within your home.


The kitchen has many high-touch surfaces needing to be deep cleaned constantly.


We disinfect all areas of your home bathroom to keep your mind at ease.

Garages & Workshops

Don’t forget your home storage and work areas! Freshen up with a professional deep clean.

Motor Vehicles

Don’t forget to protect your fleet! Drivers and customers will thank you.

Committed to quality.

We are experienced, local professionals.

Clean Away is committed to keeping your family happy and healthy. Our professional residential deep cleaning services are here to put your mind at ease.

Industrial-strength, EPA-registered cleaning solutions combined with CDC-recommended, aerosolized fogging techniques achieve maximum surface coverage with less chemical residue. We safely and effectively kill 99.9% of germs!