Clean Away Disinfecting Service

Public Spaces

Local disinfection experts.

Specialized services to keep our communities healthy.

Every environment presents its own unique sanitization challenges. Public spaces have many shared areas with high-touch surfaces that need frequent disinfection.

Clean Away’s OSHA-certified technicians use industry-mandated PPE, industrial-strength, EPA-approved cleaning solutions and CDC-recommended electrostatic fogging machines that remove 99.9% of bacteria and virus-causing germs.

Clean now. Clean often.

Why wait to schedule your appointment?

As government buildings and schools reopen, the demand for high-quality,
specialized disinfecting services will keep rising. Book now!

Schools & Day Cares

Classrooms, restrooms, cafeterias and gymnasiums need disinfecting regularly.

Shared Offices

From reception areas to cubicles and break rooms, we are here to help.

Medical Facilities

Waiting areas, exam rooms and medical offices are all ideal spaces for our services.

Public Restrooms

Bathroom fixtures need frequent deep cleanings, especially in a public setting.

Minimize risk of outbreaks.

Keep your facility healthy with professional help.

Regularly scheduled disinfection appointments with OSHA-certified specialists is the best way to keep communal areas and public buildings safe and healthy.

Clean Away’s technicians are trained in the proper use of industry-mandated PPE which reduces cross-contamination. Combined with CDC-recommended fogging techniques and EPA-registered, industrial-grade cleaning solutions our services are proven to maximize germ elimination.